Car Dealer Fraud


Car Dealer Fraud (“Car Fraud”) cases involve car dealers, and sometimes finance companies, who knowingly engage in fraudulent, unfair, deceptive and/or unlawful business practices in the sale or lease of a vehicle.  There are many situations that may fall under the category of Car Dealer Fraud.  These types of business practices can occur before, during, or after the vehicle purchase.  Common instances include undisclosed accident damage, contract backdating, certified vehicle misrepresentations, wrongful repossessions, “yo-yo” financing, and “AS IS” shielding.

Many State and Federal laws and regulations apply to automobile purchases, and are there for your protection.  As a consumer, you possess a broad scope of rights.  If you feel that your rights have been violated in any way, consult an attorney to help put you at ease and fight back against unscrupulous car dealers.

Your claim may contain elements of both Lemon Law and Car Fraud. The Law Office of David Valdez will assess your case and consult with you to determine the optimal course of action and explain the process. We’re here to fight for the rights and protections of Southern California consumers.