Have You Been Taken For A Ride?

David Valdez Jr. is a Consumer Attorney with experience in hundreds of cases involving Automotive Consumer Protection (“Car Fraud”).  Our office ensures the rights of consumers who have been victimized by deceptive and unfair vehicle deals. We work hard to provide Southern California consumers with superior personalized legal representation.

You Have Rights!

Car dealers and finance companies can be ruthless. Our firm has successfully litigated cases against new and used car dealers in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties, as well as, large car manufacturers such as Nissan, Volvo, Ford, General Motors and Honda. Our work doesn’t stop there!  We have also won cases against finance companies of all sizes such as Bank of America, Fireside Bank, WFS Financial, and Wells Fargo to release victims from liability and put car buyers back in the driver’s seat.

Our practice covers Car Dealer Fraud and California Lemon Law. What’s the difference?

Car Dealer Fraud (“Car Fraud”) cases are situations in which dealers (and sometimes finance companies) have used unfair and deceptive business practices to sell or lease a vehicle.  Common examples are false advertising, bait and switch scams, undisclosed accident damage, and misrepresentation of the contract terms.  No two cases are the same.  These types of business practices are varied and continually evolve.

Lemon Law cases involve vehicles (new, used or leased) that are defective and cannot successfully be repaired, after a reasonable number of attempts, while still under warranty.  The Lemon Law requires manufacturers to provide specific remedies, which are often ignored.

In both types of cases, consumers have remedies and the Law Office of David Valdez Jr. can enforce those remedies on your behalf. Know your rights and protections as a consumer. You CAN fight for your rights! Let us give you the help you need!

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