Car Buying: Introducrion to Series

This series of articles on Car Buying is written for a consumer with any amount of car buying experience.  Basic information will help eliminate misunderstandings and myths that dealers use to their advantage.  Added details can help a more experienced buyer fine tune negotiation skills and eliminate hidden costs.

It is impossible to cover every scenario a consumer might encounter and this series does not attempt to do so.  Nor does this series provide any guarantee against unfair business practices.  Nevertheless, these articles can substantially bolster a consumer’s position with a solid understanding of the process.

The information provided is designed to counteract some of the most common problems consumers experience.  While not every dealer negotiates entirely in bad faith, every dealer will have strategies to make the most out of every sale.  What’s more, consumer inexperience often causes as many problems as dealer bad faith.

Part 1 addresses the consumer’s starting point in negotiating with a dealership.  Part 2 of the series discusses the issues with trading in a vehicle.  Part 3 explores warranties, insurances, and accessories.  Part 4 addresses the actual face-to-face negotiations with dealers.  Part 5 deals with after purchase issues.