Lemon Law


California’s Lemon Law (Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) offers protections for consumers who have unknowingly bought a defective vehicle but cannot be repaired within a “reasonable” number of attempts within the warranty period. This law applies to defects that are present in the vehicle from the time it leaves the factory, whether they are apparent or not.


The Lemon Law applies to consumer goods, including new, used or leased vehicles. Boats, trucks, motorcycles, personal watercraft vehicles, recreational vehicles and some commercial vehicles are covered by the Lemon Law.

Under the Lemon Law, consumers have a right to have the defective vehicle replaced or repurchased by the manufacturer, as well as, reimbursement of attorney fees, costs, and expenses resulting from the claim.  Each case is unique and is evaluated on an individual basis to ensure you receive proper counseling.  Cases often include Lemon Law and Car Fraud issues.